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Wepost Wood

Wepost Wood
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It is a single-component acrylic sealant. It is designed for sealing the joints between timber beams and filling the timber cracks and splits. The sealant ensures air-tightness of joints and helps lower labour inputs. It provides cost cutting, long service life and protection against birds and insects. The use of Wepost Wood sealant saves the trouble of doing repeated caulking and protects the joints against fungus and mold.

Coating temperature range: from -10˚С to +35˚С
Application temperature range: from -60˚С to +80˚С
Colour: American pine, other colours should be ordered 
The vulcanized surface is of dull colour
Extension coefficient: at least 600%

Filling: 7 kg plastic bucket, 600 ml (840 grams) foil-coated tube
Consumption: 140 grams or 100 ml/running meter, the joint having a one cm cross-section.
Guaranteed storage life - 9 months.

Specifications STO 129-32478306-2014

Colour of the sealant:

White RAL 1002 RAL 1034
wepost_wood_ral_white wepost_wood_ral_1002 wepost_wood_ral_1034
RAL 8001 RAL 8008
wepost_wood_ral_8001 wepost_wood_ral_8008
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