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Stiz 20

Stiz 20
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It consists of two components, А and В. Mixing the components produces an easy-to-apply thixotropic paste. The mixing triggers an irreversible process of vulcanization. The hardening produces an elastic rubber-like material.

Distinctive features:

■ Optimized for manual application

■ Designed for use as part of the sealed multiple glazed unit in all climatic zones of the Russian Federation

■ Maintaining elasticity when applied in conditions of low temperature

■  Possibility of varying vulcanization time without property change

■ High adhesion in conditions of high humidity

■ Solvent-free


It is a sealant with high adhesion to glass, aluminium and ferrous metals. It is resistant to UV irradiation, weather impact and temperature strains.


STIZ 20 is used for hermetic sealing the second contour of sealed multiple glazed units, sealing the pilot's canopy, pasting-in stained-glass windows and automotive glass designed for use in all climatic zones of the Russian Federation.

Technical characteristics:

■ Colour

  Component А: beige  

  Component В: black  

Mixture (А + В): anthracite

■ Mixture ratio (А : В)

By volume : 10 : 1;

By weight  100 : 10

■ Density

Component А: 1.8 ±0.03 g/cm3 Component В: 1.8 ±0.03g/cm3

■ Lifetime: 30-90 minimum at t = 23°C
■ Shore hardness > 40
■ Vapor permeability:  5 ± 1 g/m2 х day
■ Tensile strength: 1.2 ± 0.2 N/mm2

■ Tensile fracture mode:  cohesive
■ Product classification: unhazardous

■ Storage life: 6 months

Packaging (А+В): 20 litres

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